How to Advertise Blogs Using Blog Directories

If you have a blog, and want to make it big across the web so as to have many people read your blog, chances are that it becomes more difficult to do so because of the growing number of competitiveness on the internet.

However, if you advertise your blog in the right way, dominating niches is not that hard, given you are working hard and working smart.

Two ways to advertise your blog

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you are now able to advertise your blog in many different ways. For example, you can participate in forum and promote it in your signature, or even act as a solution provider to people who have particular problem that can be solved by your post. Another way is to advertise your blog in mailing list. Similar to what you did in forum, you can share your knowledge and expertise in mailing list. Both of these methods can promote and drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Advertise Your Blog In Blogging directory

You are also suggested to submit your blog to different blogging directories so as to drive your visitors to visit your blog.

Similar to the way Google did to index your website to their index, you can put your blog to different blogging directories in order to extend your blog exposure. There are some blogging directories that provide paid or free services. It is up to you to choose any service you want. If you do not have much money or you want to try blogging directory service first, submitting your blog to free blogging directory is a way to go.

How To maximize the potential of your blog submission?

If you want to maximize the result of your submission, you are suggested to submit your blog under the most suitable categories or keywords that can be searched. In this way, individual can categorize and filter your blog easily and, you will be able to get readers who can really share your interest, rather than a casual reader who just pass through.

How to submit your blog to online blogging directories?

As said before, you can choose those free listing blogging directories at the beginning. There are many blogging directories available, so you do not need to worry about not having a free blogging directory. Moreover, instead of submitting your blog to single blogging directory, you are suggested to submit it to four or five directories because, different readers may have their own favorite on blogging directory and you do not want to lose any potential visitors. This is also a way to spread your blog and yourself as far as possible.

Know your blog keywords

Before submitting your blog to blogging directory, you should be very clear on what your blog keywords should be. It is because people will use keyword to find out your blog. You know how frustrated it is when you are searching for some information and it turns out that the result is not what you want. Imagine what a reader feel when s/he read your blog but the content is not what they want. You should not make such kind of mistake.

How to drive visitors away from your blog

When talking about content, just imagine how many bloggers who do not even check if their content is readable or not! Make your blog content readable and your blog should be a place that worth coming repeatedly. For example, you have to check your spelling and sentences that at least make sense to your reader. In other words, make your blog ready for the whole world before submitting to blogging directory.

Read the rules of blogging directories

Although submitting your blog to blogging directory is very simple, you may not want to bleach their rules when you do your submission. If you are not sure, read their terms of service, FAQ or about page and you are good to go. So follow and respect their rules when you are advertising your blog.

Business Blogging – Should I Bother?

There is a saying which goes something like this ‘Communication is all about understanding’. Although many may not agree, this certainly is the case when it comes to your customers.

The prospect of running a business blog makes some business owners nervous. They either think that blogging will be a lot of hard work, or they think that it will cost too much. However, a business blog can be a valuable marketing tool. A blog can also open a valuable line of communication between you and your customer, fostering trust and relationship.

What is a blog?
A blog – short for web log is when you add posts to a website in the style of journal entries in reverse chronological order. Blogs give information on a particular subject and allow readers to leave comments. A typical blog will combine text, images and links to other blogs, web pages and related media.

Why use a blog?
Blogs are not just for use as a personal journal as there is no limit to what topics may be covered. A blog gives you a voice to the world and raises your profile to a broad market. By having a blog you can become an expert in your industry by posting relevant and useful information. By giving something that is useful, people will keep reading. There are many reasons businesses should blog but three good ones are:

Reason #1 – Marketing
If you want to get a marketing message across to your customers then blogging is a great way to do this. Blogging reaches out to people in a way that no other medium can achieve as it is more personal. If someone makes the effort to contact you through your blog either by leaving a comment, sending an email or directly contacting you, it shows they are interested in the products you are offering. If your business blog is a good blog then it will reinforce and enhance your company’s brand and image. The blog entries posted by you will help your clients and perspective clients to understand who you are. Search engines will help you convey that understanding to more people, who you may not otherwise reach.

Reason #2 – Cost
Having a blog is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing for any business and it can be set up with very little cost and effort. You can create a blog for free on sites like Google Blogger and, or you can chose to buy a domain name and hosting to set up your very own branded blog. Try and use a domain name related to your business and download a free / open source blog like WordPress where there is no cost for the software.

Reason #3 – Communications
The bottom line is that a blog is about communication. With that end in mind you need to make sure that content on your blog is of the highest quality. Remember, the blog represents your company. For some people, the blog may be their first contact with your business. Getting quality content for your blog may mean hiring a writer, or assigning the task to someone in your organisation. While you don’t need to add new content to your business blog every day, it is important to post regularly. Your blog readers should feel that they are getting the inside buzz on your company.

A blog is more than just a series of articles, though. A business blog is a conversation between you, your customers, and your perspective customers. Make sure that comments are enabled and respond promptly and politely to anyone who leaves a comment. Be open and helpful. Blog with authority, but avoid turning your blog into an advertisement for your company.

Finally, something to consider, if you don’t have a business blog, the chances are that your competition will.

The Industry Secrets to Securing A Backdoor Commercial Loan

If you’re looking to purchase a commercial property, and have doubts as to whether you will be able to qualify for a loan, there is no need to worry.

Whether you have been turned down or away before because of your credit, situation or risk factor, there are thousands of commercial loan programs in the U.S. and abroad that most commercial loan brokers aren’t aware of due to access restrictions.

Regardless of your desired loan size is, whether it be just a few thousand dollars or a few million, there is a solution. There are thousands of International Investors & Commercial Financial Institutions worldwide that provide funding to low, medium & high risk businesses with competitive interest rates.
The problem with most commercial loan brokers is that they are only experienced in tapping into a select few, although well-known commercial lending institutions in the U.S. and nearly all offer the same rate, whereas other brokers who have industry connections can tap into not only a few, but several thousand lenders where interest rates & conditions can be negotiated in favor of the individual or business seeking a commercial loan.

In the Commercial Lending Business there are “wholesale” and “retail commercial interest rates” offered by the banks & institutions. Having a backdoor connection to access wholesale interest rates is key.

Commercial loan broker’s that can access databases of investors and lending institutions that offer base wholesale rates with minimal “life of the loan” profit are able to pass the savings to the client.
Additionally, with thousands of International Investors & Funding Institutions available, they are all hungry to make money just to earn cash from the Interest rate. As such, obtaining loans through a backdoor pool of U.S. Based & International Commercial Lender’s incredibly easy, regardless of your credit or current situation. Whether you have documents or not.

The Commercial Lending Industry is very unique, yet difficult navigate for those that are not in the ideal position to be seeking a loan. But, there are solutions whether it be domestically or Internationally. Finding a Commercial Broker who has experience in seeking loans for those in a not-so-good situation is vital if your real estate goals are to be achieved.

An Insight Into The Commercial Loans And Their Requisites

The last decade has made the UK business sector more hi-tech. From expansion to advertisement, every aspect of business needs money. This necessity can be fulfilled with the loan plans for business purpose. These loans are not so difficult to take, but the creditors always keep an eye on your financial status while providing you loan.

Major criterion of creditor before approving a commercial loan to debtor is to have a trust in debtor’s credit history and demands. The trust factor is necessary as the creditor has to provide a huge sum of money to the debtor. It is quite obvious that the creditor will take every kind of relevant information that eases out its way of approving the loan.

There are different policies and processes followed different companies or loan lenders before they approve a request of loan. Commercial lenders can be a bank, insurance company or some commercial mortgage bank that would underwrite the commercial loan requests based on their own merit schemes.

The lender has to take many things into consideration before giving a final approval to commercial business loan. The portfolio of the requester is looked in detail and the saturation level determining the specificity of the property type, financial status, delinquencies and other associated projects in the same area. Many times it happens that a commercial request is abided by commercial lender’s policies of credit but they often get denied, this is because lenders have attained saturation or they might be experiencing high delinquency rate for a property type.

There are important components that have to be listed well. The major component is cash flow analysis. It includes a complete analysis of subjected property’s cash flow by the loan lender that helps in covering property expenses in addition to the loan’s payments. Commercial properties are always viewed more consecutively than other residential lending therefore a loan to value is also studied by loan providers.

Commercial lenders generally require 20% of total purchase price that has to be paid by debtor when he is applying for this type of loan. The rest 80% is provided by bank or other mortgage company in form of commercial mortgage. Loan to value is regarded as a percentage that is calculated by commercial loan [] amount which is further divided by purchase price of property. Credit worthiness is equally essential that requires good credit of guarantors and with this income documentation is also important.